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A global organisation of active equity specialists, Martin Currie places a strong focus on nurturing deep personal relationships, attentive and meaningful customer service. It encourages employee engagement across all areas of the business. And promotes a culture of individual responsibility and shared success.

Since its partnership with Legg Mason in 2014, Martin Currie had gone through a number of transformative changes. Coupled with the evolution of digital business across its industry, these developments prompted a need to address the organisation’s digital platforms.

The complex brief to overhaul Martin Currie’s suite of websites boiled down to two core objectives: Firstly, create and implement a digital strategy for the design and build of streamlined responsive sites using the Sitecore content management system. Secondly, strengthen the visual branding throughout Martin Currie’s online presence. It was no mean feat, the group included a corporate site, seven institutional sites, the individual and professional adviser sites, and a small brochureware site.


Dog tackled the challenge by joining the Martin Currie team for discovery sessions and workshops to immerse ourselves in the business. Together, we identified challenges and opportunities to improve their customers’ digital experiences and help the business meet its goals.

Web focused branding

Firstly, the design team looked at the visual brand. Created primarily for print, the existing brand did not translate well and was not optimized for online purposes. While keeping in line with the offline assets, Dog created an online brand by subtly changing the colour palette and using accessible web fonts, clear lines and open space.  

Conscious of the need to create a flexible design and brand vehicle for Martin Currie’s content editors to use, Dog created different component and responsive templates aligned with the corporate brand, enabling Martin Currie’s team to create a fresh look and feel to content, while maintaining a consistent brand.

Stakeholder-centric experience design

Martin Currie has a range of key stakeholder groups from across the globe, with different expectations and needs in terms of digital experience. Dog’s UX experts delved into Martin Currie’s data, using insight to define tiered user groups, map user journeys and identify pain points in terms of navigation and experiences. Taking a mobile first approach, the experience was functional on mobile first and foremost, ensuring pages provided intuitive navigation, and layering the content out to tablet and desktop.

Ease of navigation through the complex range of content was crucial. Segregated search enables users to discover contextually relevant content. And by separating user journeys, navigational paths are clear and focused, underpinned by tracking specific user actions to consistently monitor and optimize performance. We also created customer account areas with bespoke content for further relevancy for individual customers.

Empowering content editors

Martin Currie’s content editors are busy, publishing a steady stream of content across the suite of global sites. Dog worked hard to make their job as global content managers, easier and more efficient. We created a framework that enables editors to publish one piece of content across multiple locations while retaining link integrity. Robust version control was essential. Our team developed a bespoke Sitecore CMS solution, creating work flow processes to incorporate both Sitecore and non-Sitecore users. The solution connects editors with compliance teams and those involved in the publication of content, without everyone having to work within Sitecore CMS.



Dog’s team wrote 10,672 lines of code; designed 79 templates that can be used on any page of the site; added 4 data integrations and involved over 200 CMS elements to create a responsive suite of websites providing clear journeys based on the visiting customer needs.

The new online brand fits responsively and stands out as a modern professional engaging brand. The content types follow the cutting edge media available, enabling the publication of informative interesting designed content. And all set within a digital environment and strong technical framework that allows the compulsory workflow and tracking of all published content. 

The website received a commendation for Best Website (fund management group) at this year's AIC Shareholder Communications Awards. A shared success between Martin Currie, Dog and Sitecore, and recognition for a job well done.


Take a look at the websites, and feel free to get in touch with Kirsty if you would like to discuss this project.

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