F&C Investments

First PPC for 147 years



F&C Investments is a diversified investment manager, which traces its origins to the launch of the Foreign Colonial Investment Trust in 1868. But they move with the times.

So when they wanted to run their first PPC marketing campaign, they chose Dog as their marketing partner. The campaign aimed to promote ISA applications ahead of the deadline in April 2013.


For us it’s all about the right tools for the job. So our campaign utilised advanced features of both Google’s Adwords Search and Content Network and Bing’s AdCenter.

Working closely with F&C we designed a complex marketing (and remarketing) campaign that saw both text and image adverts run alongside articles regarding ISAs, personal finance and on the finance, news and business sections of popular UK news sites including The Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, and the money section of each site.



As you can see by flicking through the results above, F&C saw an immediate ISA uplift. As well as this, the marketing team at Dog worked to optimise the ideal 'bid point' for future campaigns.

The strategy underpinned by dynamic ad content management and selecting the most relevant tools for the job certainly engineered impact, maximising engagement and budget efficiency.

Both F&C Investments and Dog saw the value and potential in PPC Marketing one of their core products. So much so that we’re all set for the 2014 campaign with ambitions for it to exceed the results of this year’s campaign.