Baillie Gifford

A film for the long term



Baillie Gifford has that most rare of things nowadays: a strong, powerful single proposition that influences every aspect of their business. They look to the long term.

So what does this actually mean? Put simply Bailie Gifford seeks out investment opportunities that have the most potential to grow over years not months. For them it’s all about long-term opportunities not short-term gains. And they wanted us to capture that message in new and powerful way.


We set about doing some research of our own and we found companies that BG invest in work in sectors that look to the long term too.  And those are the sectors we wanted to feature in a very special film.

We chose healthcare because it might take a generation to reap results in the field of genomics, but those results have the potential to be life changing. We chose utilities because water and oil will one day be in short supply and BG invest in companies looking for solutions. And we chose disruptive technologies because we think of them as new but BG have invested in them for years.

As well as what we said in the film, we also wanted how we shot it to reflect the client’s long-term strategy. So we filmed on a phantom camera, which captures imagery at a mesmerizingly slow 1,000 frames per second.



In the making of the film, the team at Dog cast 11 babies, smashed 10 televisions to smithereens and created a mini oil spill in a production company studio.

The film now proudly sits in various key locations on the Baillie Gifford site and also appeared at the 2014 MoneyMarketing Awards where it scooped a bronze award for best digital campaign. A hugely evocative film, it serves as a reminder of what can be achieved when creative strategy, brand and business objectives are aligned, and when good collaboration nurtures a great idea.