Baillie Gifford

Simplifying small cap funds



The Global Discovery fund is small cap fund that invests in smaller, immature companies which Baillie Gifford’s fund managers believe present significant growth potential.

Seeking to engage with only a select group of highly influential institutional individuals, our client required a digital campaign, which would communicate this niche product proposition perfectly. The product was there, the target audience had been identified, this gave us the perfect opportunity to devise a creative strategy, which aligned perfectly to Baillie Gifford’s business strategy.


Kicking off the creative strategy process, we embarked on several fact finding missions, using a recent Baillie Gifford research whitepaper and face-to-face fund manager interviews to identify the product’s proposition.

The solution we created was “in praise of small” an interactive film featuring origami characters that each represents a positive benefit of the fund. The film culminates in the origami characters inviting the visitor to interact with them. Once a visitor has selected an origami character it unfolds to reveal a video of a fund manager elaborating on that particular element of the fund’s benefits.



By marrying digital innovation and traditional animation disciplines, the film managed to convey the campaign message simply, while also capturing the essence of the Baillie Gifford brand.

The piece of content was honoured at the 2015 Money Marketing Awards in the Content Marketing of the Year category. Thanks to the success of the original work, the origami characters have now featured in initiatives and direct marketing campaigns targeting Baillie Gifford’s retail audience as part of the Baillie Gifford-managed Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust.

Winning no small praise for both Baillie Gifford and Dog. You can view the film on our Vimeo channel. And check out the Global Discovery Fund.