How does media dovetail into Dog’s other services?

"Working in media is great in Dog as depending on the client and the services they require, we can touch most departments such as design, content, client services and analytics so we get exposure to the entire business. When working on a media plan that we feel needs something extra, it’s good to have specialists on hand to help with this."

What makes Dog different to other agencies who offer media services?

"Dog is unique as it offers clients full 360 service under one roof, meaning campaigns have a fully joined up approach. We can design our campaigns based on the media placements we’ve bought and can be clever with our execution."

What’s a typical day like for you and your team?

"Every day is different in media which is what makes our team exciting.

Typically, I come into work in the morning to some emails from overnight. I answer them and get started on my to-do list consisting of campaign planning, set-up or reporting. We have our stand-up daily at 10am which helps to get an overview of what the team are working on and if anyone needs a hand with anything. Meetings and phone calls normally occur throughout the day with suppliers and clients to make bookings or discuss plans. Usually I finish off the day with the first thing I started on in the morning as something else will take priority!

My job can be very reactive. It’s important to be flexible as anything can happen!"

Finally, would you recommend Dog to others in media and advertising?

"Absolutely. The team at Dog is brilliant. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming and such experts in their field. Plus there’s a tuck shop filled with excellent snacks - do I need to say more!?"

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We're also one of the top two agencies in Scotland.

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