Inspiring curiosity in Edinburgh

Maximising the impact of Baillie Gifford's Edinburgh Book Festival sponsorship, Dog came up with the 'Curious about the world' campaign.


Curious about the world

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is the world’s largest public celebration of the written word. And for their first year as its headline sponsor, Baillie Gifford asked Dog to help them launch a thoughtful and creative sponsorship campaign.

Engaging an international audience of all ages was key so together we decided to focus the whole campaign on Baillie Gifford’s core messaging “Curious about the world” and based upon striking abstract images.

This was applied to on-site banners and a mobile-optimised microsite that gave festival goers exclusive content from Book Festival speakers. And to appeal to the festival’s younger audience, we created bespoke illustrated vinyl for the children’s area as well as interactive iPad games – all designed to fuel children’s curiosity to find related books at the event.

We have been working with Baillie Gifford for several years now and always find their subtlety and quiet expertise very refreshing. It was great to see this quality brought to the sponsorship of the Edinburgh International Book Festival as well. We’ve posted more pictures on our Facebook page so go have a browse, if you’re curious.