Infront Sports & Media picks us

Leading sports marketing agency, Infront Sports and Media has selected Dog to provide digital and technical consultancy services.


A great new client to add to our sports portfolio

So 2014 is off to a roaring start for Dog! We're thrilled to let you know that Infront Sports & Media has awarded us a 3-year contract to provide them with digital and technical consultancy services.

Infront are an absolutely huge name in the sporting industry and we’re really proud to be working with them from both our UK and Singapore offices on a number of projects.

Not only will we be redeveloping the website, we’ll also be developing digital platforms and branding for Infront owned sports events in China and Europe and lending a helping hand on their digital communications strategy.

Dejah Meldem, the Director of Digital Media for Infront told the press: “Ensuring we have the very best digital products to support our events, services and communication is absolutely paramount to Infront’s ongoing growth strategy so I am very pleased to confirm our new partnership with Dog Digital. Both the Europe and Asia teams at Dog impressed us with their sophisticated and joined-up approach as well as their sports marketing experience.”

We’re obviously very pleased too. A great new client to add to our sports portfolio and we’ll have some exciting projects to show you soon!