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Dog's CEO Gerry is set to deliver a TED talk: he'll be asking a question that's bound to make your head hurt a bit!


Exploring the connection between behaviour, communication & technology

As big fans of TED talks, we were very excited to hear that our very own MD, Gerry, was invited to share some wisdom. Curated by a talented group of Glasgow University students, the conference takes place in just under two weeks on 15 March

The theme of the event is Connectivity and is going to be explored with reference to technology, multiculturalism and inter-subjectivity. Gerry will be sharing his thoughts on Technology and People, specifically discussing which is making the other evolve.

He says that as technology develops at an increasingly rapid rate, he’s starting to question if we as humans are developing communication and behavioural habits around technology or if we are actually being evolved by technology itself. A question to make your head hurt a bit!

The event schedule looks really interesting, with speakers including our friend Mel Young from the Homeless World Cup, Jamie Gallagher (one of the “175 Faces of Chemistry from the past 175 years” don’t you know!) as well as the first doctor of social media, Dr Jillian Ney, among others. So see if you can grab a ticket from the lovely folks over at TEDxGU, last time we checked they were selling fast!