Getting back to the brilliance of Digital

An event with Sitecore in Singapore


It’s one week until we co-host an event in Singapore with our partners at Sitecore. Senior Strategist, Will Railton, and Technical Director, Murtuza Topiwalla, along with one of Sitecore's lead Solution Architects, are making final preparations and gearing up for an interactive session focusing on 'Getting back to the brilliance of Digital.'

What does ‘Getting back to the brilliance of Digital’ mean?

Well, our teams in both Asia and the UK have been discussing the notion for some time that in today’s digital ecosystem, customers expect more from brands in terms of relationship, service and experience, in exchange for custom and loyalty. But they aren’t getting what they deserve.

Faced with a fast paced and often confusing landscape, too many marketers remain focused on short sighted broadcast tactics of traditional advertising and vanity metrics, opting instead to up the channels used to reach more people across many devices.

How do we get back to being brilliant, for the future?

Well, with data and technical innovation acting as powerful enablers, now is the time for marketers to seize the opportunity and focus on what real success looks like: Creating customers that opt in to interacting with, and buying from, a brand time and again.

Loyalty toward a brand – the driver for repeated custom - is fragile, and requires a combination of elements: Experiences and moments must be connected and delight the individual. Messages and values must resonate. And interactions, journeys and transactions must be easy. It’s a complex process that begins with strategic thinking and gaining a deep understanding of customers as individuals. 

To get it right, marketers must ask the right questions from the outset. From a place of insight, we can then create intelligent strategies with defined goals and measurements of success, that seek to close the loop of cross channel interactions with tailored experiences that delight, and conversations that mean something to customers. 

In an age of stats and buzzwords, it’s time for marketers to get back the brilliance of digital and focus on what really matters. 

Our speakers will address the challenges currently faced by marketers, and identify opportunities that come from better understanding your customer, asking the right questions to draw out intelligent strategies, and harnessing technologies to enable more effective, impactful marketing.

If all this sounds interesting, you're in luck! There are still a few places available at our free event. If you would like to come along, please register via the Sitecore event page.


Event details

Venue: NUSS Suntec City Guild House 
#02-401, 3 Temasek Blvd, 401-402 Suntec City 
Date: Thursday, 22nd September 2016 
Time: 08:30am – 11:30am