Fitness brand Curves appoints Dog

Dog’s UK offices are set to help Curves boost its community of women across Europe



Starting the month with some great news: Dog has been appointed by international fitness brand Curves International. Our team will handle the brand's digital and social marketing activity across 7 European markets in multiple languages.

Having beaten the competition, Dog was selected to devise and activate a multidisciplinary and multilingual strategy in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Sweden. To help Curves achieve its goals in acquiring new customers and retain current members of its fitness clubs, the strategy and marketing teams will implement an integrated campaign involving paid and organic search marketing, media planning and buying, social communications and social advertising.

A significant win for our agency’s UK offices, the partnership with Curves involves experts from each discipline within our marketing and strategy teams working together with Curves’ European digital marketing and brand teams. The multi-channel marketing campaign, aligned to Curves’ strategic global business objectives, is set to raise awareness of the brand and increase engagement between Curves and both its members and target individuals throughout the 7 European markets. To achieve the desired outcome, Dog will focus on delivering contextually relevant marketing and connected online experiences across several touchpoints. 

Maud David, Marketing Coordinator International at Curves, explained:

“As the digital era has changed the way we do marketing, our members and potential members are now expecting Curves to offer them great online customer experience. Dog will help us enhance our members’ and future members’ online experience as well as rethinking our strategic approach on digital touchpoints. We believe that Dog’s team has the required experience and the international project management skills to do a great job on the many upcoming projects (paid advertising, social media, search engine optimization, influencer campaign).”

Stephanie Lindsay, our Head of Marketing, commented on the appointment:

“Curves’ ethos centres around supporting and encouraging women who are busy and looking for a supportive, inclusive environment within which they can focus on improving their health and fitness. Our approach to the brief mirrors this ethos, focusing on both the individual and the collective - inspiring individual women through relevant content, making it easy for women to find out more about Curves, and encouraging interaction with each other and the brand as, when and however they want.”

“We’ll be creating rich content and applying a range of multi-channel communication techniques, underpinned by testing, goal tracking and data analysis, in addition to active management throughout the campaign, to optimize performance and improve cost efficiencies. Working with Curves on this project is a fantastic opportunity for us to harness our team’s experience and expertise to achieve positive commercial impact for a global and forward thinking brand.”

Magali Bourcy, Client Partner at Dog, added:

“We’re delighted to become partners of Curves at such an exciting stage in the brand’s development, working closely with the team to grow their business through strategic marketing and communications. From the outset, the chemistry between teams has been great. It’s been an incredibly smooth process in laying campaign foundations, and it’s safe to say that we’re all looking forward to the coming months, working together to strengthen Curves’ position throughout Europe.”

Dog’s experience in delivering multi-regional, multi-lingual campaigns is extensive, working with global brands including UEFA and Tourism New Zealand. As such, we’re primed to help Curves achieve their goals.

Curves International has more than 5000 clubs worldwide in over 80 countries, empowering women to live healthier lives through realistic health and fitness plans. 

We all feel a bit fitter and healthier just by working with them!

If you’re interested in the news, or would like to chat about how to engage with audiences through marketing campaigns that deliver messages that resonate with individuals and online experiences that create genuine relationships and encourage specific actions, feel free to get in touch with us!