Dog scoops Social Buzz Award

Dog's pan European campaign for UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League has been named winner of 'Social Media Ad Campaign of the Year' at the 2014 Social Buzz Awards!


Social media advertising, made easy

When UEFA came to us with the challenge of marketing the digital activities of their sponsors during this year’s UEFA Champions League and Europa League, we instantly turned to our team of social media advertising experts to deliver the pan-European campaign. And what a campaign it turned out to be!

Being judged against industry big hitters and being shortlisted among some of the most innovative campaigns of this year, we are delighted that our work for UEFA was awarded the top prize of Best Use of Social Media Advertising at this year’s Social Buzz Awards.

So what was so special about the campaign? Well let’s put it into context.

UEFA’s Champions League and Europa League are two of the largest events in the football calendar. With sometimes mind boggling investment from sponsors, it’s imperative that UEFA drives maximum exposure for sponsors’ activities, while raising awareness of its own brand among fans across Europe.

Our objectives were three fold:

  • Generate maximum exposure for sponsors among target football fans in relevant markets
  • Drive traffic to the sponsors’ relevant sections on and raise awareness of their digital activities including online platforms, promotions and campaigns
  • Increase engagement with UEFA’s social media platforms

With a huge range of stakeholders; extremely complex sponsorship agreements; a massive volume of social media noise being generated throughout the competitions; and many cultural differences existing between fans living across the target markets - Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, to be precise - the campaign was certainly challenging. But our team took it in their stride and crafted an exceptionally effective Twitter and Facebook advertising strategy.

If ads aren’t relevant, they’re useless

Drawing on the most innovative Facebook and Twitter targeting techniques available - from Geo targeting and contextual targeting to harnessing second screen potential through Twitter TV and conversational targeting - we ensured all adverts were relevant to social media users.

The daily slog: our dynamic management approach

We served adverts in multiple languages, created adverts for the different Facebook ad formats and gathered an extensive arsenal of ads to increase the potential for interaction.

The management approach applied to the UEFA UCL and UEL campaign was dynamic, meaning that compelling, rich creative content was being served to the right people at the right time. With football fans placed at the core of a strategy rooted in UEFA’s aims, Dog ensured that messages were disseminated across relevant channels to target fans in the right context, at the most appropriate times. Using the latest tools and granular analysis at our fingertips, we optimised daily and kept a beady eye on performance to maximise benefits, from cost reduction to expanding the reach of the campaign.

The tactics we employed as part of the social media advertising strategy meant that Dog found the social media advertising sweet spot: advertising that football fans connected with. And advertising that triggered interaction with UEFA’s and sponsors’ messages.

An extremely delicate discipline, social media advertising must accommodate brands aiming to connect with target consumers, and consumers who are keen to interact with brands in a certain way: at a time that suits them, without interfering with their experiences.

The campaign we delivered for UEFA during this year’s Europa and Champions League competitions demonstrates how social media advertising should be done, and what can be achieved if it’s done right. The judges at the Social Buzz Awards agreed. It really was a campaign of social media advertising excellence, one that fulfilled UEFA’s objectives, while enhancing fans’ experiences and maximised spend. It’s a campaign we’re extremely proud of so well done to our team, and thank you to UEFA for the opportunity!