Call Collymore: The world's football phone in is back!

Dog designs and develops a mobile app set to satisfy global demand for high quality sports content


The world's football phone in is back!

It’s a big day for us as we announce the launch of Call Collymore, a mobile app by award winning broadcaster and renowned football pundit, Stan Collymore.

We’ve worked alongside Kate Hamer, digital and marketing consultant extraordinaire, to deliver an app that aims to create an experience focused on giving fans what they want: Engaging content, available however and whenever they want to access it, while meeting their expectations in terms of technical broadcast excellence. Unfiltered opinion around the hottest topics in football, delivered seamlessly, is the order of the day!

Having embraced the evolution of social and digital media, and observing the impact they continue to have on sports broadcasting and consumption, Stan Collymore recognises the expanding opportunities to interact with sports fans in more meaningful ways than traditional broadcasting allows in today’s connected world.

With an established global fanbase tuning into Collymore’s shows via Sirius and XS Manchester, the Call Collymore app is set to grow this community and reach new audiences of sports fans.

Available for free from the App Store and Google Play, and on, the app provides an interactive content and social experience that encourages fans to become part of the post-match and wider sports industry conversation. 

In addition to the Call Collymore live shows, available in real time or on demand, the app will feature interviews with high profile individuals from the world of sport and popular culture, contests, polls, opinion piece articles including native and those published in The Mirror and Boyle Sports, podcasts and videos. Fans can access the content using their mobile devices, via desktop, or by Apple TV.

The design and user experience captures Collymore’s dynamic, bold and straight talking brand. Fans are encouraged to tune in to the live shows, and explore additional multimedia content within the app that complements the brand proposition. Push notifications have been integrated to enable Call Collymore to alert fans when live shows kick off.

Stan Collymore tweeted: “A huge thanks to Dog, a wonderful Scottish agency who've embraced what I want to achieve in terms of user experience, fun of use and most importantly an audio/video experience up there with the very best.” 

Our Head of Sport and Entertainment, Kayleigh Grieve, commented:

“Looking to the future of sports broadcasting and fan experience, Call Collymore is set to be a major player. Being part of a creative digital project set to shape the industry in the coming months and years, is exciting.”

"The way people like to access content may be changing, and the format of content they seek out is certainly evolving, but their passion for sport is not. We set out to design and build a mobile user experience for fans that felt exploratory and alive, and which brought Stan's passion and energy to the fore. Call Collymore provides a mobile experience dedicated to growing a genuine global community for those with a thirst for open conversation and passion for sport at their core.

"There’s plenty more in the pipeline for the platforms too, the app’s linear UX allows us to add and retract content sections as we move forward."

Well done to all of the team involved in the design, UX and development, who've stepped up and delivered a great mobile fan experience. 

Make sure you check out the app - first live show this Saturday @ 7:30pm! 


In case you missed them, here are the Call Collymore download details again:

App Store 

Google Play