Bringing QR codes to life in vivocity

Dog created an innovative social and experiential campaign to engage shoppers during the Great Singapore Sale. And it's selling!


The humble QR code.

For shopaholics in Singapore, the summer months mean one thing - the Great Singapore Sale.

And VivoCity, the country’s largest shopping and recreational mall, came to Dog for something different for the GSS 2013. They wanted a sale campaign that would extend in-mall engagement to online and social media engagement as well. And at the heart of the campaign, they wanted… the humble QR code.

Engagement with QR codes tends to be higher in Singapore than in many other countries but we didn’t want to slap one on a poster and hope for the best. Instead Team Dog Asia set about the task with a bit of imagination and so was born The VivoCity Codeys.

The Codeys are a family of 4 QR code mascots dressed in VivoCity’s corporate colours. When spotted and scanned, The Codeys bring shoppers instant reward vouchers. If scanners Like VivoCity Singapore on Facebook they are entered into a Daily Draw and their chances of winning doubles if they share info on their own Facebook walls.

And The Codeys have earned their keep too. Only half way through the campaign, over 4000 people had scanned the QR codes around VivoCity and the number of fans of the VivoCity Facebook page increased by 33%.

We hope to have a full video of The Codeys running about soon so keep an eye on our social channels.