Established in 1996

Welcome to the
new dog.


01 —
Brand marque

Our logo is the essential part of the brand. Our name is a powerful asset and maintaining its strength and consistency is vital.

It is defined as being in lower case and in DogHaus font.

02 —

A custom typeface has been created. The DogHaus font plays an important role in building the Dog brand. It is bold and distinct, yet the softer curved edges on certain letters reflect our friendly personality as a team.

Using the Merriweather font family in conjunction with DogHaus creates a balance and flexibility across communications, while maintaining consistency.




Merriweather Family

A a


03 —
Colour palette

A custom palette has been selected to reflect a rich, dynamic and multidimensional company.

The colour palette is an essential part of our brand identity, enabling a recognisable look and feel to communications across all media, whether in print or on screen.

Combined, a distinctive style is created which is both simple to implement and powerful through its simplicity.

04 —
The grid

The grid is the invisible glue that holds the brand design together.

Based on that most classic of grids 'The Golden Arc', we have developed a flexible grid that enables an individual to express their creativity, while maintaining balance, proportion and consistency.

05 —
The device

We needed to create a graphical device that could be carried throughout Dog communications.

A symbol that was 'natural' to the brand, that captured the values of our brand, is the circle or Dog dot, as we call it. 'Individual is brilliant. The Pack is formidable' is captured by one dot.

Existing alone to represent the individual, or a group of dots coming together as one to represent the pack.