Quality Assurance Tester

31 January 2018



Dog is an independent digital collective combining technology, marketing and creative design. We are looking for a QA Tester to join our QA team.

Summary of job role

As a tester, you will be involved in ensuring the quality of projects throughout its life cycle from development to deployment and post release. You'll conduct automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by developers is fit for purpose. You need to be a keen problem solver, with an ability to take a step back and think outside the box.
You will be expected to work on multiple projects at any one time, and have an excellent ability to retain domain knowledge. You will have the ability to report on quality on a multitude of projects, to ensure client relationships are maintained. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential as you might be required to interact on a daily basis with other teams, product owners and customers.
You will provide strategy and estimations for testing time on both detailed and limited briefs, which may vary in terms of testing effort required. You’ll be expected to clarify scope and test effort for these, whilst being able to identify potential risks up front.
The role will require you to have a range of testing skills both functional and nonfunctional.

Five qualities for success in this role

• Quality

• Commitment

• Accuracy

• Teamwork

• Communication 


Main responsibilities

1. Testing CMS websites on Umbraco and Sitecore platforms, bespoke applications in C# .NET and APIs;

2. Working to project plans, milestones and estimates to deliver projects and changes on time; 

3. Be able to demonstrate an excellent range of functional and non-functional testing skills;

4. Manage post release projects from a supporting capacity;

5. Generation of acceptance tests and test plans;

6. Scoping and estimating of projects and changes within the remit of your technology when required;

7. Working to project plans, milestones and estimates to deliver projects and changes on time;

8. Identify risks early in projects to avoid delays or potential cost escalation.

9. Meeting clients and project teams to discuss test approaches for projects.

Ancillary duties

1. Keeping up-to-date on technologies related to job role, pro-actively and as directed;

2. Contributing to team meetings to share knowledge with the team and company;

3. Meeting with clients in general to discuss, demonstrate and advise on project work;

4. Monitoring own workload to advise in advance of areas of concern.

Technical requirements for job role

1. Ability to demonstrate a wide range of functional and non-functional testing skills, such as accessibility testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, usability testing, etc.;

2. Automation skills, preferably Selenium WebDriver / Python / C#;

3. Working with continuous integration servers such as VSTS, TeamCity and Jenkins;

4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills;

5. Strong critical thinking skills with the ability to think outside the box. 



1. Communicate effectively with different audiences (non-technical and peer) both written and verbal;

2. Focussed on customer service at all times;

3. Commercially aware of project timescales and deadlines;

4. Able to use standard office software – Word, Excel, Outlook, Podio, JIRA, Synergist etc;

5. Engage with all teams within the company regularly and in a collaborative manner.  


Relationships within the agency

Client Services: Support all Acct Managers with scoping, estimating, changes, and delivery as required.  To treat Client Services as internal customers and keep up-to-date with progress.

Marketing: Collaborate with to ensure tracking and analytics have been implemented accordingly.

Design: Collaborate with on feasibility designs.

UX: Collaborate with on feasibility of UX approach specifically regarding implementation.   

Development: Collaborate with Development on the delivery of projects.

Project management: Work closely and honestly with, to ensure common understanding of project deliverables and timescales, and to work to project milestones and deadlines.

Finance: To complete timesheets and Podio task updates on a daily basis to allow accurate financial tracking of all business phases.

Business development: To support in production of estimates and project approach for feasibility, pre-tender questions and tender responses as required.


Please forward CVs (individuals only - no agencies please!) to pedro.graca@dogdigital.com